Advisors are in a perception crisis.

Take a step back and try to imagine what a client sees when considering a financial service provider for the first time. Is it a large faceless firm offering cookie-cutter ideas? Is it independent, but lacking in credibility because of limited brand investment, or lacking distinction because everything appears years out of date? Advisors and the firms they represent all tend to present themselves in the same ways and, as a result, potential new clients have trouble differentiating one practice or one advisor from another.

Brand to differentiate.

Our suggestion is to present what you do and how you do it - to showcase your abilities, expertise and professionalism, together with the attributes of your dealer. If you can package all of this up to engage with your audience, your natural market can begin to see and understand your relevance. Your brand is your promise; having a professional advisor brand can allow others to understand that you are unique, skilled and specifically suited to their needs.

Why present yourself as average?

Average is easy; it's common and it's uninteresting. If you are looking to resonate, then communicate your experiences, present your skills and showcase your expertise. You offer a service that, at first glance, varies little from any other in your field. But if you can deliver that service in your own way - and brand it - you're giving prospects a reason to engage with you.

Specialists matter.

Specializing around a certain market (business owners, professionals, retirees) means focusing your practice around serving your ideal client type. It doesn't mean you are turning anyone away, it means you are actively pursuing that segment of the market. By specializing, you are choosing to initiate and foster relationships with the people you work best with - moving one-by-one toward a network of strong client partnerships.

Show them why they
should choose you.

When prospects have endless options for wealth advice (individuals today can go anywhere for another average advisor), it’s in your best interest to make it perfectly clear where your value lies. Professional branding presents you in a better light.

A clear brand brings your value to the surface, where prospects can see it.

One concern for most advisors is that their real value and core differences are buried deep in their personal relationships with clients, and, as a result, everything that faces prospects is bland and generic. Our thinking is that, if you take these core difference and package them as a brand, your practice becomes identifiably your own.

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